Sold Out have announced that they're bringing over 30 extra Virgin titles to their wallet friendly 4.99 range, all due for release during the next year.


Amongst the titles that you'll soon be able to play, include Kingpin, Descent 3, Sacrifice, Baldur's Gate 2, MDK 2, Jimmy White's Cueball World, F/A-18E Super Hornet, Messiah, the Fallout series and Icewind Dale.

An ever cheery Garry Williams told us "With games from Titus, Virgin and Interplay we are adding some of the strongest PC titles released over the past year or so, add this to our existing titles and easy to see how we will continue to retain our position as the number one Super Budget publisher".

As soon as the full line-up of titles is confirmed by Sold Out, we'll let you know.