Budget games publisher Mastertronic have acquired long-time rival Sold Out, in a deal which will see the two brands working together to fight for shelf space at retailers instead of against each other.

Both the 4.99 Sold Out and 9.99 Mastertronic ranges will continue to be available as their own individual brands, with the company claiming the deal will provide "a one stop solution to publishers and IP holders to exploit the value re-publishing sector". Hopefully resulting in more games from more publishers at cheaper prices.

Earlier this year Mastertronic launched a new "MAD" range with recent 9.99 re-releases including titles such as IGI 2, Beach Life and Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness complementing their range of titles in the "PC Gamer presents" range - all of which have racked up a score of more than 80% at review.

An entry in to budget priced console games also looks likely for Mastertronic during 2005, meaning Xbox and PlayStation 2 owners could find some of the better selling titles making a comeback instead of remaining at the full retail price which they sometimes manage to keep due to their popularity.

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