The Launch of Sonic X has sparked rumours of a revival for Sega's little blue mascot, with Sega officials believe to have been holding discussions on how to revive the franchise, following the launch of the new Japanese cartoon.

According to Yuji Naka president of the much acclaimed Sonic Team, Sega plan to launch several new games and a new cartoon series globally this year in an attempt to revive the brand, starting with the launch of Sega's new animated TV show, Sonic-X, will is launching on TV Tokyo this April.

At Sega's B-Club event, Naka mentioned that Sonic Adventure DX will include all of Sonics Game Gear outings, so if this is to be believed, we can look forward to playing Sonic 1, Sonic 2 Sonic Chaos, Sonic Drift and Sonic Labyrinth - as well as the main feature itself, Sonic Adventure.

The cartoon aside, he also confirmed that Sega are to release four new instalments in the Sonic series during 2003. It looks certain that two new Sonic games will be unveiled at this years E3, which is to be held in Los Angeles in May. Rumours so far suggest that these will probably include a further Sonic Adventure, and a new 2D Sonic title.

Further related rumours are currently going around on the internet after a European release schedule was said to be leaked, in which it's suggested the next Sonic title will be called "Sonic Hero", and due for release on the Gamecube this November - no doubt we'll find out more this May at E3.

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