Sega Corporation have confirmed that Sonic will be the first Gamecube title to feature a link-up with the Game Boy Advance.

Hideki Sato, President and Representative Director of the Sega Corp in Tokyo, announced that "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle" and "Sonic Advance", will pioneer an interactive linkage between the two formats for the first time.

Both titles are due for release in Japan on 20th of December, and the titles can exchange data between them which can be played separately. The main linked game will be based around trading Chao's, which can be brought up and transferred between the Gamecube and GBA, much like on the Dreamcast VMU's in Sonic Adventure.

Full details will be announced at the Tokyo Games Show which takes place from the 12th to 14th of October - We'll let you know all the main news stories as we get to hear them.