We've been unbelievably lucky, and managed to get a Sonic 10th Anniversary Limited Edition pack, and it's fantastic.

sonic 10th anniversary pack

Contained in the smart matt blue case is a gold CD featuring audio tracks from Sonic games, a gold coin, and a booklet which details the 10 year history of the spikey little blue hedgehog.

The book contains a timeline of the Sonic titles realeased, Sonic goods from around the world, and also information such as when Sonic appeared on the side of the Williams F1 cars, and as Mc Donalds Happy Meals.

The latest Sonic game, Sonic Adventure 2, hits the shelves on June 23rd, which is Sonic's 10th Birthday, and features some of the best graphics seen on the Dreamcast, a split screen 2 player mode, and an all new "dark side" with Shadow the Hedgehog.

sonic 10th anniversary coin sonic 10th anniversary booklet

To celebrate both Sonic's Anniversary, and also the launch of his latest adventure, the first 200 customers to buy Sonic Adventure 2 from the Sega Europe website tonight after midnight (that's very late Friday night/early Saturday morning) will get the limited edition pack for free - can't be bad eh?

We'll be having a full review of Sonic Adventure 2 on GamesPaper during the next week - Happy Birthday, Sonic!