Sega have today announced that Sonic the Hedgehog will appear on the Xbox for the first time, in a new game which is due to make it's debut at E3 in Los Angeles next month.

Sonic Heroes will be the first Sonic title for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and will see the introduction of a configuration feature which lets gamers control three playable characters at the same time.

The game will focus heavily on team-based gameplay, which Sega claim will "mark the next evolution in Sonic's gaming career, taking platform gaming to a completely new level", and will see Sonic and his friends battle the ultimate evil using their combined forces.

Sonic Heroes is expected to be released on Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Gamecube by the end of 2003, and we'll bring full news of the entire Sega line-up from E3 2003 as soon as Sega make the announcements.