Support for Flash webpage content and AAC audio files is amongst the selection of new features which have been given to PSP owners today, as part of the version 2.7 firmware which has been launched by Sony.

Sony PSP network update [Photo copyright GamesPaper]

Other enhancements to the device include the ability to not only stream audio podcasts to the RSS Channel tool - as in the recent 2.6 firmware - but also have them saved to MemoryStick, giving you the opportunity to grab the latest files automatically from the internet and then listen to them at your convenience whilst away from an internet connection.

Sony have also confirmed that Europe will finally be joining America and Japan in getting the LocationFree TV service, with the base station hardware set to launch during May, and allowing owners to stream video and live TV content from home to their PSP over the internet - no matter where you are in the world.

The free firmware upgrade can be downloaded to your PC and transferred via USB to your PC from the official yourpsp website, or if you've got a wireless network simply go to the Settings menu and select Network Update to have it downloaded straight to the PSP.

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