Sony have announced full details of the Japanese PlayStation Portable launch, which is set for December 12th and will have a lower retail price than had been expected.

playstation portable

The PlayStation Portable will initially be available in two forms - a standard "PSP-1000" which is the machine, battery pack and power lead for 20,790 yen (about 175), or the "PSP-1000K Value Pack" priced at 26,000 yen, which has remote-control headphones, soft carry case, strap and memory stick included in the bundle.

Some 21 launch titles including Everybody's Golf, Need for Speed Underground Rivals, and Ridge Racer are expected to be available at launch in Japan, with games being supplied on tiny 60mm 1.8GB Universal Media Discs.

The lower than expected price should certainly make PlayStation Portable a must-have buy when it's released in the UK during 2005, and is making the Nintendo DS priced at $149 look slightly expensive in comparison.

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