Nintendo and Namco have announced a new Star Fox title, along with a publishing deal for Nintendo Gamecube and GBA, at a press conference held in Japan today.

The game will be published specifically for the Triforce system - a next generation arcade board running on an IBM Power PC Gekko chip, which has been under joint development by Namco, Sega and Nintendo.

Namco will publish the traditional style space shooter title for the Triforce arcade system, and is expect to be available from the spring of 2003.

Six Gamecube titles, and Eight Game Boy Advance titles will also be jointly published by Nintendo and Namco under the agreement between the two companies, between now and the end of 2002.

The confirmed line-up of Namco titles, are:

New Mister Driller
Soul Calibur 2
New Ridge Racer
Star Fox
Tales of Destiny
Plus an exclusive to Gamecube RPG, which is yet to be named.

Game Boy Advance Titles
Famista Tennis
Famista Advance Baseball
Mister Driller Ace
Klonoa G2
Tales of the World Narikiri Dungeon 2
Klonoa RPG
Kotoba Puzzle
Tales of Phantasia

This new Namco Star Fox title comes in addition to the Gamecube's Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, which is under development by UK based Rare, and due for release on the Gamecube later this year.

It seems highly likely that further details of the above games will become known at E3 later this month, and as soon as we know more, we'll let you know.