Sega have announced that they're to publish Star Peace, the massively multiplayer online city game which was previously released by EA.


Both the games developer, Oceanus, and Sega are working on the game to introduce a number of improvements, and are also developing new content for the game to improve the experience for existing gamers, and revised step-by-step tutorials for new entrants to the online game.

A free open beta is being held until the end of January 2003, to allow for last minute fine tuning of the system, and to ensure that it's ready for launch during Feburary. Sega are also looking at giving the name a new title to re-generate some interest in the game.


No confirmed date for a European re-launch has been announced as yet, but it seems likely that we'll see making it's way to our shores by the Summer of 2003 if all goes to plan.

More details about the game and the beta test are available on Sega's Star Peace first look page and the official Star Peace website.