SWING! Entert@inment Media today injected an extra shot of adrenaline into the European release of Skysurfer for PlayStation 2, by announcing the inclusion of three split-screen two-player modes as well as a selection of new features.


The European release of Skysurfer will include three all-new split-screen two-player modes including Freestyle, Time Expansion and First Wins.

Freestyle allows both players to select their moves freely within a specific time, and perform any trick in any given order in an attempt to beat your rivals highest score.

screen screen

First Wins sees the player who activates the move first blocks his opponent, so that only the faster player is able to collect points for the demanded trick, and Time Extension is where the faster and the better perform the demanded moves the more time they are credited with as a bonus.

Skysurfer will also feature two fresh characters which are exclusive to the European release, and five shiny new skysurf boards, supplied courtesy of Oxygen.

Skysurfer is due for release on the PlayStation 2 this summer, and will be published by SWING! Entert@inment Media.