THQ have released the first screens from the cut scene sections of Yager on the Xbox.


Chuck Yeager's Flight Simulator back on the Atari ST sprung to mind when we first heard of this game. It's not the same game though, and the spelling's slightly different, so the headline for this story is somewhat tenuous. However Yager's also based around flight and more specifically air combat, meaning the game should be just as enjoyable if not more so than Chuck Yeagers flightsim.

screen screen

Gameplay revolves around a 3D action adventure and air combat, and the screens released by THQ today show off some of the adventure cut scenes which you'll find in the game.

With a large part of the game dedicated to the action story mode, there's over 20 fully interactive characters, providing a varied storyline which allows the player to grow and shape the gameplay.

screen screen

Performance-related mission objectives ensure that you'll have to keep your wits about you, and use what you learn, as your struggle evolves to become the fight against constitutional power, conspiracy and control.

Xbox owners can expect to get their hands on Yager from March 2002.