Codemasters have released the latest screens of their TOCA Race Driver title.


The game is currently in the development stages, with a team of 45 working on it. Codemasters are hoping to bring a totally new style of gameplay to the PC, PS2 and Xbox with TOCA Race Driver, as the title will be the first licence based racer to introduce a character and plot-driven narrative with both on and off-circuit developments.

Real teams, drivers, cars and tracks will feature in the game which has an episodic storyline, blending real world championships with a fictional cast. The game revolves around the fictitious character Ryan McKane, and follows his career from a test driver to potential world champion.

screen screen

Codemasters Marketing Director Michael Hayes told us "The character element to the game is a real way for the player to connect with the racing experience. It doesn't take over the game, it enhances the atmosphere, building tension and settings for each race"

It's this extra level of atmosphere and excitement that will hopefully make it more than just a driving game, and more of an experience of what it's like to be potential world champion, and GamesPaper will be keeping a close eye on further developments. Toca Race Driver is due for release in 2002 on the PlayStation 2, PC and Xbox.