Codemasters have announced that the world-famous TOCA branding will be making a return to their Race Driver series, despite having said that it would be dropped when the game was revealed last September.


"Securing the TOCA name guarantees the future for this established and immensely powerful motor sport gaming brand. For gamers, the TOCA series is the number one choice in realistic racing and TOCA Race Driver 2 maintains that key value and drives it forward with an incredible variety of motor sports." commented Codemasters' Nick Wheelwright.

The game is set to feature online racing from 31 championships spread over a wide range of racing formats including GT Sports Car, Street Racing, Rally, German DTM, Super Truck racing, Ice-Racing and even Stockcar Oval Racing.


TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator is due for release on the PC and Xbox later this spring, and more details about the game are available from the Race Driver 2 website.

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