Infogrames' Test Drive series is going in to Overdrive, with the latest version due for release on the PS2 and Xbox next March.


The game, based around the Illegal Street Racing theme, will feature more than 20 licensed sports cars, including the Jaguar XK-R and the Nissan Skyline, and will see races in London and San Francisco, plus two other yet to be announced locations - no doubt Tokyo and New York.

In-game traffic reacts realistically, just like you'd expect from other cars, with vehicles stopping at traffic lights and cross-roads. From the screens we've seen, it also looks like the collisions will be pretty impressive, with roadside objects such as traffic lights being demolished when you drive in to them.

screen screen

A "story mode" is set to further add to the gameplay, which will see gamers racing against other rival drivers, at the same time as trying to evade the police as they follow hot on the tail of your shinny sports car.

TD Overdrive will be screeching it's way on to the PlayStation2 and Xbox from March 2002.