According to a number of reports on the internet, and a bit of gossip we heard over the garden fence, Electronic Arts are considering the possibility of bringing The Sims to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance.

So far EA haven't commented on if this is to happen or not, but the PC version of the game stood out from the crowd with it's amazing levels of Artificial Intelligence, not to mention giving gamers sleepless nights as they played big brother with ideal households and rowing couples.

If the game were to make it onto the miniature hand held machine, it would no doubt need to be cut down somewhat from the PC version, but the Game Boy Advance has already shown that the isometric scrolling gameplay is achievable, so it'd just be a matter of making sure that the game can keep the stunning real life people feel to it.

One possiblility could be that if a four player linkup option is enabled, that each person could control a seperate character, or even be neigbouring households in the street.

We'll be keeping a close eye on this, peaking out of the curtains to see if the Sims really are going to be moving in to the GBA - as soon as we know we'll be straight over there to get the house warming party started.