Electronic Arts have announced today that two of the biggest business names in the world have signed multi-million dollar deals to appear in The Sims Online.

Fast food company Mc Donalds will feature heavily in the game, with The Sims Online players able to operate a McDonald's kiosk and earn "Simoleons" as a virtual business. Eating at McDonald's will satisfy a Sim's hunger and fun needs.

"Partnering with The Sims franchise of games gives us the ability to provide fun and entertainment to our customers in an environment that allows them to experience our brand in a virtual world. This is a great opportunity for McDonald's to reach our customers away from our traditional brick and mortar setting" said McDonald's vice president of marketing Peter Sterling.

Meanwhile Intel will get their branding placed firmly in front of PC users eyes as each Sims machine will have the on-screen brand, along with the five-note Intel Inside sound effect.

Sims will have the choice of a range of virtual computers, ranging from low end machines right up to high-end Pentium 4 processor-based computers, at which point your Sim gets the benefits of "the latest in style and technology and provide enhanced gameplay".

Virtual PC's can be used by the Sims to invite friends over to play games, and even open virtual businesses such as a cyber cafe. As if there's not enough to push the Intel brand, then you'll also get a boost to the logic and fun ratings of your Sims by giving them the high spec Intel Pentium 4 machines, rather than slow low end machines - nifty marketing ploy or what?

The Sims Online is due for release on the PC later this year, published by Electronic Arts.