Ubisoft have revealed details of the multiplayer gameplay modes which will feature in their next Splinter Cell title, Chaos Theory.


The co-operative mode will see players having to work together in an attempt to gather intelligence, and working in pairs will explore the multiplayer maps accessing areas which wouldn't be reachable by just a single person such as scaling high walls and reaching overhead pipes.

Co-operative play will be available in both Xbox Live online form, as well as system link and split-screen, and a special co-op knife challenge is said to "offer additional ways for players to collaborate and further enhances replayability".


If helping out a friend doesn't quite sound your thing however, then there's the standard versus mode, where you either play as a Shadow Net Spy in third-person or first-person view as an Argus Mercenary.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is due for release on the Xbox and PC in March 2005.