Tiger Telematics have confirmed part of their summer line-up of new titles for the Gizmondo handheld device, with three of the games revolving around one key feature: balls.


Sticky Balls is released this week at 19.99 and works in a similar way to snooker with a cue used to knock the balls around the table, just with a twist in the rules where they'll bounce off of walls and other balls as long as they're not a similar colour.

Two further titles will retail for a cheaper recommended price of 9.99, with a futuristic squash-like sport called Ball Busters featuring complex arenas rather than the standard 4-wall court.

Completing the trio of new titles is Pocket Ping Pong 2005, which is claimed to feature "totally accurate ball physics" and set in sun drenched beachside locations alongside swimsuit-clad characters.