Thrustmaster and Konami have announced a joint deal, which will see Thrustmaster's Top Gun Fox 2 Pro launched to coincide with the Xbox release of Konami's Deadly Skies.

controllerThe specially developed flightstick features "ten buttons conveniently located at the base of the unit and around the shaft itself, which accurately represents a fighter plane's joystick" - sounds scary, to us.

The feature packed flightstick has a sliding thumb throttle, built-in motor, 10 action buttons, an 8-way hat-switch for point-of-view functions, along with Intuitive Touch, Smart Mapping and Full Sampling Technology - all of which ensures that it's quite a bit more than just another joystick.

Using a combination of the advanced technologies that Thrustmaster have included in the flightstick, it's possibile to accurately shoot one missile at a time, and the precise manoeuvring during air combat means that you'll be able to experience more than 50 warplanes in the mid-air combat of Konami's title, in a way that no standard gamepad could ever offer.

"The Top Gun Fox 2 Pro unit is the perfect device for getting the most out of a game with the depth of action that Deadly Skies enjoys. It is an innovative and well-designed peripheral which adds an extra level of control to our ground-breaking air combat title" said Kunio Neo, President of Konami of Europe.

Both Thrustmaster and Konami will be featuring reciprocal promotions and further cross-marketing is due to be announced in due course. Don your goggles and prepare for maximum G's when Deadly Skies and the Top Gun Fox 2 Pro flightstick touch down on April 12th.