Thrustmaster have signed a worldwide licensing agreement with Microsoft, to allow Thrustmaster to design, manufacture, and distribute licensed third-party peripherals for the upcoming Xbox video game system in North America, Japan and Europe.

Thrustmaster will use its expertise in video game controllers as well as its famous Nascar, Ferrari, Top Gun, and US Air Force licenses to provide a unique range of officially endorsed racing wheels, joysticks and controllers.

Xbox peripherals will include all gaming accessories ranging from Thrustmaster's original Snowboarding/skateboarding controller to memory cards. Under this deal, Thrustmaster has the rights to develop game-specific peripherals such as a dance mat controller, light guns and other original concepts depending on the related games that will be released. Consequently, Thrustmaster's relationship with Xbox software developers will lead to unique software/peripheral bundles.

"Our aim with the Xbox system is to broaden the consumer videogame experience and ensure a perfect match between the console, the peripherals and the game." says Scott Loomis, Xbox Third Party Peripheral Program Manager. "Thrustmaster has internationally proven their commitment to providing a variety of innovative and high quality peripherals to enhance the video gaming adventure. We will work closely with Thrustmaster to ensure the best experience for our Xbox players".

Thrustmaster will have their range of Xbox acessories available in North America and Japan for the Autumn, and in Europe by early 2002.