Eidos Interactive have announced that TimeSplitters 2 will feature full 16 player link-up gameplay on the Xbox and PS2.


Both the Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions of the game will feature link-up modes which allow for up to 16 players on either four consoles each with 4 players, or 8 consoles with 2 player split screen action, using the link-up cables available for each console.

Standard single console multiplayer action including deathmatch, capture-the-bag, escort, last man standing will be catered for in the form of both two and four player splitscreen on the Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox, with a co-operative two player story mode which spans multiple objective-based episodes.

screen screen

Numerous other updates have been made to the game from the original TimeSplitters, including larger levels and new graphical effects. The unique MapMaker has also been enhanced, and will allow gamers to generate totally new scenarios.

The PlayStation 2 and Xbox release is scheduled for this September, followed by a Gamecube release in October. More details about the game can be found by visiting the official TimeSplitters 2 website.