Codemasters have announced that Toca Race Driver 3 will have an upgraded Terminal Damage Engine which is 100 times more powerful than the one seen in Race Driver 2, allowing for highly realistic collisions, crashes and an added touch of competitiveness.


Improved physics and damaged visuals are just part of the improvements, which will se bodywork crumple zones set for each vehicle allowing damage to be inflicted as if it were a real car, whilst impacting on aspects such as steering resulting in overheating tyres which if pushed too far can pop and leave just the steel wheel rim - with a shower of sparks and smoke to go with it.

Other aspects of the car will suffer in their own way from punishment given to them during racing, such as the risk of the coolant system failing from excessive heat, resulting in smoke pouring from under the bonnet and finally the radiator totally giving up and blowing.


New particle effects will also see sparks flying through the air as your car grounds against the track and rumblestrips on corners, whilst damage inflicted from collisions with other competitors and trackside objects will see windscreens crazing over, whilst wings and spoilers get torn off and flung across the track.

A much more strategically and technically challenging feel to racing looks to be on the cards for Race Driver 3, with Codemasters promising up to 27 upgradeable parts for each car - allowing for improvements to aspects of the car such as suspension, roll cage, tyres and brakes - each of which will play their part in how reliable (or not) your car is when under race conditions.


Toca Race Driver 3 is due for release on the PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox next February, and we'll have more coverage of new features being added to the game, in the coming months.

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