Ubi Soft have shown us some new screens of Tokyo Extreme Racer which is down for a release on the PS2 this Summer.


Features of the Tokyo based driving-fest include:

  • Customisable cars, with 120 different parts

  • 300 Competitors to challenge, each with their own driving styles

  • 100 miles of true-to-life, highly detailed highways

  • Adjustable difficulty settings.

  • Sticker creator and editor to customise your team

screen screen

Racing takes place at up to 200 miles an hour, in pure head-to-head competition. It's not for the trophies, its for the rush, and only nerves of steel and lightning reflexes can make you Emperor of the Highway.

The game will feature new cars, additional highways, and hundreds of new opponents, which should be enough to get even the slightest of driving fans excited.

GamesPaper will bring further information about Toko Extreme Racer and a preview as soon as more details are available.