Titus Interactive have announced that they're bringing Top Gun: Combat Zones to the Gamecube.


The title was released last year on the PlayStation 2, and we got to see it in action at the preview launch in Eastbourne. Improvements to the Gamecube version will see all of the detail upgraded, including ground objects to oil rigs and planes, providing better clarity through use of higher resolution graphics.

From the still screenshots that are on this page, it looks like a much more fluid and polished look has been captured, and the stunning skylines with the hazy sunshine setting through the clouds looks like it'll be even more impressive than on the PS2.

screen screen

Extra work has gone in to the cinematic style replays which you can watch after you've crashed or completed the mission, and due to the higher resolution models, it seems likely that the replays will be extremely life-like.

A number of campaigns have also been redesigned after feedback from players using the PlayStation 2 version, and a refined game structure will make the 34 missions set in South East Asia, Gulf States, Northern Russia and the Miramar base even more taxing and realistic.

screen screen

Top Gun: Combat Zones is due to lock on to the Gamecube and fire it's missiles this June, published by Virgin Interactive.

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