Just Trains have announced that the Australian developed Trainz Railway Simulator 2006 is on schedule to arrive in the UK next month, with wagonloads of new features including improved physics and a new iPortal.


Some 50 activities on 11 routes from around the world will feature in the latest version, from a peaceful and picturesque branch line off the Settle-Carlisle route in the UK, to a high-speed ICE route between Leipzig and Dresden. A number of fictional routes will also be included, such as the Shanghai Airport MagLev and a light rail passenger route called Modula City.

Features making an appearance in TRS2006 include new animated points giving trackwork a more realistic look, whilst wheelslip and coupler breakage will add to the experience of driving a train and keeping to schedule that bit more involving. Scheduling features have also been overhauled meaning AI-run trains can be automated to carry out operations as if they were being operated by other drivers.

Internet based gameplay is also making it's debut in the simulator, with an in-game messaging tool allowing friends to chat with each other whilst operating their trains, and an iPortal which introduces the ability to send and receive trains from other players maps - presumably meaning a group of gamers could get together and each operate their own section of a route, such as one specific station or industry.

Trainz Railway Simulator 2006 is due to arrive in September, priced at 29.99, and you can find out more from the Just Trains website.