After some 24 hours of downtime to upgrade the service and add new features, Xbox Live has reappeared today and given gamers the first glimpse of the much talked about Tusanmi features.


Many of the new features aren't expected to be apparent until new games which support them are released, but a quick look around the Xbox Live dashboard has revealed the ability to record a voice message as part of the invitation to join a voice chat.

A new "Created Content" option in the Account Settings has also appeared and would point to the possibility of end-user created content such as maps and skins being shared with other gamers over the Xbox Live network.


Earlier this year Microsoft confirmed that the Tsunami update would allow developers to include features such as team and clan creation, alongside improvements to the "invitation and presence systems" and the ability for gamers to set up tournaments, although as with the other new options, it'll require games to specifically support the features - something which none of the currently available titles are believed to do.

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