Handheld gaming device Gizmondo launched in the UK earlier this week, in what appears to have been a comparatively low-key release when compared with other gaming formats.


The event was marked by the opening of Gizmondo's flagship store at 175 Regent Street in London, which saw an impressive line-up of celebrities including Dannii Minogue, Lennox Lewis and Busta Rhymes.

Gizmondo's 229 retail price matches that at which the Nokia N-Gage launched at back in 2003, although the numerous extra features pack quite a hefty punch in comparison, including a built-in camera, global positioning system capabilities, and a considerably larger 2.8inch screen which comes in handy for the built-in movie player software. It doesn't however work as a phone, despite coming with a pre-pay simcard for the wap and GPRS service.

However getting hold of a Gizmondo seems to be proving harder than you might expect - the official website says stock levels are currently limited with only reservations possible, and none of the leading retailers such as Amazon, GAME and Argos are even listing the product in their catalogues.

Gizmondo is available now at 229, and more details about the device and games are available from the gizmondo.com website.