Acclaim UK have announced that they are taking part in a fairly wacky new advertising craze, which sees members of the public change their name, all for the love of games.

The marketing technique is called Identity Marketing, and instead of buying ad space in magazines and billboards, on tv and in the cinemas, companies are now getting people to be the walking billboard, living their life under their new name, and Acclaim want punters to apply as a potential walking billboard, with your new name of Turok.

"We are looking for applicants who want to experience the kudos of being pioneers in advertising, who are willing to step beyond the leading edge of marketing practice", said Shaun White of Acclaim.

Five of the volunteers will be picked as "lucky winners" and Acclaim will deal with all the legal process involved with changing the names via deed poll and creating your new identity. As an extra bonus you'll also get 500, an Xbox and a copy of the game.

Of course, it's not the first time that people have changed their names to reflect their love of gaming, and there's actually someone called Sony PlayStation wandering the streets of the UK - obviously wearing a t-shirt with the logo of your favourite publisher isn't enough any more...?

If you really want to change your name to Turok that much, then visit the website before September 2nd, where you can apply to take part in the Turok Project. Anyone fancy being called GamesPaper... no?