Codemasters are set to get a real earful when Mike Tyson punches his way on to the PlayStation 2 next year.


The game, called Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing, will be pulling punches from April 2002, and sees gamers go face-to-face in both first and third person views.

A realistic "facial damage graphics engine" has been written for the game, and Codemasters are hoping to capture the spirit of Tyson's blow by blow punches as if you were there in real life.

screen screen

Players can also create up to four of their own boxers, with a choice of boxing attributes, taunts and knockout moves - the more bouts that each boxer wins, the more skilled they become.

According to former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, his kids talked him in to doing last years PlayStation game, and they want to see him in their new consoles too. Nice to see he's able to make his own decisions, then.

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing will be putting it's gloves on and stepping in to the PS2 ring from April 2002.