First signs of the UK Gamecube pre-order schemes have started to show, with Amazon kicking off the online retailers offerings.

Both the Purple and Black consoles are available, priced at what would appear to be a competitive 149.99.

Neither item is listed yet on their main Gamecube page, and can only be found by searching their products, so presumably they are yet to officially announce their pre-order scheme. No bundles or games appear to be available either, but no doubt that'll change soon.

As soon as other retailers announce their Gamecube pre-order scheme, or Amazon add the launch titles and accessories to their product listings, then we'll let you know.

Update: Nintendo have since confirmed the true UK price after a price row erupted with retailers. This has seen Amazon reconsider their price, with the machines now available for 164.99 - are honouring all customer's orders who pre-ordered GameCube at the 149.99 price.

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