According to reports, Microsoft are set to announce on Monday 22nd of October that they will be bringing the Xbox to UK gamers before Christmas - ahead of the March 2002 launch which was announced earlier this week.

So far we're not sure if it's going to be Xbox's playable in computer game stores, or an Xbox Roadshow, such as the Xbox Xperience which is touring the UK from November. For further details about the tour, check out where you can pre-register for free.

Microsoft announced earlier in the week that their Xbox console would get it's European launch on March 14th 2002, with a retail price of 299 - an expected 300,000 units are planned for the UK, with some 1.5 million consoles shipped across Europe by the end of June 2002.

As soon as the reports of the pre-Christmas arrival of Xbox's in UK stores gets confirmed or denied by Microsoft, we'll let you know, right here on GamesPaper.

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