March 14th has finally arrived, and eager punters who visited a number of stores which were open at midnight will just be getting their Xbox's now.

Four Virgin Megastores stayed open, with specially Christmas themed events, dubbed Xbox Xmas Day, where Santa's were giving out presents to the first lucky punters, including free games and a host of exclusive merchandise provided by his helpers.

A number of Electronics Boutique and Game stores across the country also threw open their doors for the midnight launch of the machine, with fairly large crowds reported at many stores.

We spoke with several gamers (via phone, as we aren't going to stand out in the cold, especially not when we've had our Xbox tucked under the TV for the past week), who said that the anticipation was building and they were very excited about getting their Xbox's.

GamesPaper reader Matt Gander queued up at Worthing EB, and told us "There's about 40 people waiting, and there are lots of free crisps and coke, and the members of staff are wearing Xbox t-shirts! It's spookily quiet, quite a few people are buying Crash".

We'll bring further news later today of the highlights from the launch events, and all this week we'll have reviews of the launch titles, along with first week sales figures and the first comments from Microsoft about how successful their Xbox launch has been.

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