Online and high street retailers GAME and Gamestation have completely sold out of their Sony PSP pre-order allocation, weeks before the machine launches in the UK.

GAME website showing PSP announcement

An announcement made on the website late last week, reads "ATTENTION: We have run out of our initial allocation of Sony PSPs but are continuing to take orders for our next batch expected sometime in September. As the UKs leading gaming specialist you have the best chance of securing one through us, so preorder now to secure yourself a place in the queue."

Anyone reserving their PSP before 4pm on August 5th will have managed to secure one, but if you were waiting to pre-order you'll find a waiting list is in operation now with buyers in a queue for the next delivery, which probably won't arrive until a few weeks after the September 1st launch.

It's hard to know if there has simply been a shortage of PSP hardware units available for the European launch, or possibly the more likely reason is that GAME have just run a hugely competitive pre-order campaign, which saw them offering a limited edition PSP Preview Pack with each order.

Gamestation have also sold out of their pre-order allocation, with an announcement appearing on their website this morning claiming that any orders placed would now be for the second delivery and couldn't be gaurenteed for the launch date. Gamestation had been selling a 199.99 bundle which saw the PSP Value Pack, one game from a choice of six, and a Essentials Pack which included a screen protector, UMD cases, USB charging cable and other accessories.

Other retailers still appear to have stock of the PSP Value Pack at the time of writing, including, Argos, Dixons and Comet, whilst the best deal seems to be from who are currently giving a free Donnie Darko UMD movie with pre-orders, and free delivery.

The price of launch titles also seems to vary widely depending on which retailer you check, and 39.99 games can be found at 29.99 or less at the likes of Amazon or Argos - although they're not yet available to order from the latter - possibly setting the price at which retail will end up matching once the machine finally launches on September 1st.

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