Catalogue retailer Argos have revealed that a slim Silver PS2 is to be launched in the UK, after the product was listed in their new catalogue which launched today.

Silver slim PS2 console at

Sony haven't as yet confirmed any plans for a Silver version of the new smaller PlayStation 2 (which launched just before Christmas) and so Argos appear to have revealed the product somewhat before it was officially planned to be announced.

The product, listed as item number 567/7809, doesn't appear to be available to buy yet, with home delivery and local store reservation options both showing it as being out of stock, pointing to the release being sometime later this year.

It's possible that the silver machine is set to go head-to-head with any plans Microsoft may have in relation to Xbox being on sale in the UK for three years this March, which has typically seen both companies battle for sales with numerous special and limited edition bundles during the past couple of years.

Update: Since our article was posted Argos have removed the Silver Slim PS2 from their website, although launch of the machine would seem highly likely to happen during the next couple of months and certainly before the end of July when the next catalogue is released.

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