At a minute past midnight last night, Microsoft launched their Xbox, at a special event in New York City.

The Toys R Us in New York City where it all took place - Image courtesy of

The event took place in a new Toys R Us store, in Times Square, which looks more like an "Xbox store" with a tiny Toys R Us sign, than a normal Toys R Us - nothing like selling out when it comes to advertising, eh?

"Xbox is a key part of our strategy to drive the digital entertainment revolution and deliver the future of interactive entertainment to the home. It's a great example of how Microsoft is innovating. But most important, it's incredibly cool." - unlike his jacket, which really doesn't look all that cool on him, unfortunately - not that we'd turn one down, of course.

Bill Gates presents Edward Glucksman with the first Xbox ever sold - Image courtesy of

Lucky gamer, Edward Glucksman was the first to buy an Xbox, and was handed the machine by Bill Gates himself, which had been signed by Bill, who announced "The future of gaming starts today, and it starts with Xbox".

British gamers will be getting their chance to grab an Xbox when it comes to Europe in March 2002, but Microsoft are running a special Xbox Xperience on the run up to Christmas to give gamers a sneak peak of what's in store.

Bill Gates and The Rock greet the crowd at the New York launch event - Image courtesy of

First day sales of Xbox across America have been reported as being very strong, with a good number of gamers handing over their cash for the most powerful console ever available, which promises to take full advantage of Broadband gaming from next summer.

To see more of the launch, head over to and click on the New York launch event link, where you can also watch highlights of the event.

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