Ubi Soft have launched their new gaming portal ubi.com, which will gives gamers the chance to take part in Ubi Soft gaming communities.

Visitors can post their comments in game specific forums, and Ubi Soft hope that communities will build up between the gamers, further enhancing the huge fanbase which many of the Ubi Soft titles have.

Ubi Soft's MD happily told us "We believe that it is crucial for gaming companies to have strong ties with their customers and we believe ubi.com will bring us closer to the PC fan base" - aww, it's like a big happy Ubi Soft family.

Gamers can also take advantage of a new matchmaking application that is integrated in to all supported Ubi Soft multiplayer games including Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, and allows players to find friends and opponents, and then launch the game.

Other games making use of the same matchmaking technology include IL-2 Sturmovik, Conflict Zone, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Rogue Spear: Black Thorn, and Conquest Frontier Wars. Ubi Soft also hope to use the system on next gen consoles as the online gaming services develop further.

The site will also be home to Shadowbane, which Ubi Soft are launching in 2002, and the company hope to offer a closed beta test program via the website for interested gamers who want to help test what could well be one of the best MMORPG's ever seen.

Check out the site for yourself at www.ubi.com, but don't forget to come back here afterwards.. please!