Ubi Soft, and LudiGames have announced that they are to bring a number of top Ubi Soft titles to the Pocket PC and Palm platforms.

Currently 15 titles are planned for the mobile devices, including the likes of Rayman, Tom Clancy and Chessmaster. Traffic, which is an interesting looking puzzle game for the GBA, will also be released on the Pocket PC and Palm PDA's.

The market for pocket sized games has been growing rapidly over the last few years, with 12 million Palm PDA's sold, and Windows CE3 in Pocket PC's has brought bright colourful screens with much of the features you'd find in a full PC, albeit shrunk down to be not much larger than a mobile phone.

LudiGames have already begun developing games for cellphones, and with more advanced phones coming onto the market, some of which even have Pocket PC's built into them - such as the Trium Mondo, it would appear that games on a phone or PDA are going to play a very important role in gaming over the next few years.

Michel Guillemot, CEO of LudiGames said "We have been able to marry the best of our technological expertise on the PDA format with Ubi Soft’s portfolio of world-renowned licenses and innovative in-house creations. Gamers will now be able to buy the software and download the game to their mobile unit, giving them the option to game anytime, anywhere. Together, we are going to take the mobile market by storm."

LudiGames are also developing several games like "Pirates" which works both online and offline, letting gamers play against each other around the world via text messaging.

GamesPaper will bring further details of the Pocket PC and Palm titles when more info is known, in the meantime you can find out more about Ludigames at the LudiGames website and to find out more about Palm and Pocket PC's visit the Amazon Handheld and PDA store.