Ubi Soft have announced that the release date for their World War 2 flight simulator IL2 Sturmovik, has been put back until November 2001.


IL2 Sturmovik was originally slated for release this summer, but developers Maddox Games are to spend the extra development time to fine-tune the single and multiplayer aspects of the game, and to incorporate feedback from the 300 beta testers who have been lucky enough to play the title.

The game will find players in the cockpit of the ILS Sturmovik, which was a Russian ground-attack aircraft - an instrumental part in Germany’s failed Eastern Front campaign.


IL2 Sturmovik is set to show off completely new standards of realism in the flight simulation genre, and will also allow multiplayer dogfights with up to 32 other players. Players can also fly up to 20 other aircraft types in numerous missions.

A demo of the game is planned for release during September, and we hope to bring a full preview of the title at around the same time.