Nintendo's Gamecube has finally launched in the USA after a slight delay which was originally going to see it's launch before the rival Xbox console.


Some 700,000 units were shipped to stores across America for the launch, with a 50/50 split between the Jet Black and Indigo colour choice.

Details of the first day sales figures are not yet know, but it seems that the machine has been selling well, with large numbers being snapped up during the first few hours of sale, and very strong pre-order figures.


Many online retailers that we checked have reportedly sold out of their Gamecube consoles, with having no stock remaining, and no details of when more stock will be available.

The spotlight now turns to Europe, where Nintendo are still to announce when the machine will get it's launch over here. Nintendo Europe did say that they'd not make any announcements until after the American launch, so hopefuly now that's happened they'll be letting us know soon. Latest rumours have been that the machine may not see a launch until September 2002, but Nintendo say that this is not the case.

As soon as we know about the UK Gamecube launch, we'll let you know.

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