During a visit to online retailer Amazon.co.uk, we noticed Virtua Golf listed as a new Dreamcast release - due out before the end of 2001.


Very few details are known about the game, and we weren't even aware that it was due a release on the Dreamcast - yet alone on December 28th, as Amazon lists it on their Virtua Golf product page.

The game is a port of the arcade version, which ran on the popular NAOMI board, and has been developed by WoW Entertainment, who were responsible for The House of The Dead 2, and Sega Marine Fishing. In Japan, the game is known as "Dynamic Golf", but this was changed to Virtua Golf as the "Virtua" range is more well known in USA and Europe.

screen screen

From a Japanese website about the game, it appears that play takes place on a single 18 hole course, with a choice of 2 male and 2 female characters. Four gameplay modes are also available, in the form of Stroke play, Match play, Skins and a standard 18 hole challenge.

We'll be speaking with Bigben Interactive, Sega Europe's Dreamcast distributor, to see if we can get any more details about Virtua Golf, if it is indeed getting a release, and we'll let you know either way as soon as we know more.