The popular Warhammer table top 'toy soldier' game is coming to the PC and PS2, with titles under development by Climax Entertainment and Kuju.


The PS2 based title is under development by Surrey based Kuju Entertainment, and is due for release later this year, published by THQ.

Kuju, who may be better known for Microsoft Train Simulator and Virgin's Lotus Challenge, are said to have fought off stiff competition from a large number of developers who all wanted a part of the Warhammer action.

"We were very impressed with the originality, quality and raw ability behind their design vision" said Games Workshop's Jon Gillard.


Meanwhile, work is progressing well on Climax Entertainments Warhammer Online for the PC, and will see a virtual Warhammer world created, which the developers hope will mimic the fun feel of being a member of a real Warhammer club, with a community aspect to the gameplay.

Warhammer Online has been set up as a new joint venture company that brings together Games Workshop and Climax, lead by Former White Dwarf magazine editor and Design Studio boss Robin Dews, and Rick Priestley, who is Warhammer's original creator.

Action will take place in the Reikland, and players will enter as adventures, and then get to explore the world with the hundreds of other gamers who will all be playing online at the same time.


The hope is that the game will offer an equal amount of co-operation and competition, allowing for everyone to join in, either working together to explore the world, or in highly competitive forces. As the number of players grow, extra areas of the world will be provided for gamers to explore, and providing them with ever more dangerous challenges and opportunities.

The first episode of Warhammer Online will feature the Empire between the River Reik and the Grey Mountains, stretching from Marienburg in the north to the foothills of the Black Mountains in the south.


Players will be able to pick from Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling and Ogre races, and also choose if they wish to play as 'good' or 'evil' characters, with each character developing based on their friends (other players), possessions and skills.

Player death is one problem that Warhammer and Climax are still working on, and they realise that gamers who have spent months playing a game, advancing their character, might not be to happy with being killed off and having to start from scratch - or simply giving up.

Warhammer Online is due for release on the PC in 2004, and we'll bring further updates of both titles, over the coming months.