Games Workshop and Climax Interactive have let us know the latest details on the progress of their Warhammer Online title, which we first reported on back in May.


Work has been progressing with the landscaping of the online world known as the Reikland, and these early mock-ups demonstrate what you're likely to see in the final game, with highly detailed 3D villages which you'll be able to explore either on your own or with other gamers.

screenClimax have also released the first screens which show how the world looks in varying weather conditions, including normal daylight, rain, and a very chilly winters scene with a covering of snow.

Because each module of the game is being developed in seperate stages, there are no actual in-game screens yet, and Climax expect the first to be available in a couple of months, when they'll have fully animated scenes demonstrating the actual engine dealing with the player characters walking around the Reikland.

An emphasis is being put on the community aspect of the tabletop battle game, as we reported previously. Warhammer were concerned that if it was a bit of a free for all, then people may not behave and follow the rules as well as they should, so to counteract this, they are trying to make sure that the game is more online adventure rather than battle.

Robin Dews of Games Workshop told us "we began to focus our attention more and more on a player vs. environment game that would encourage our players to behave in a more coherent (co-operative) way in order to stay alive. This shift in approach from an online battles game to an online adventure game would also enable us to really explore some aspects of the background that we'd only just touched on before in print and on the tabletop".


Warhammer Online is due for release on the PC in 2004, and we'll have further updates during the next few months.

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