Telegames have let us know about a new Game Boy Advance title that they are working on, called BackTrack.

screen screen

The story behind the game is that Domingoaniax, an alien leader, is building a secret base on the dark side of the moon, and for several months aliens have been abducting humans and turning them into an army of droids, so as they can be used to overwhelm Earth.

Playing as Jim Track, you'll get to infiltrate the base, and destroy every alien or assimilated human that you come across. Any unassimilated humans need to be rescued from the pods, and finally you the self disstruct process for the base needs to be triggered.

screen screen

The storyline seems a bit odd, and sureal, but the game looks like it could be quite playable and interesting. Features will include a multiplayer linkup, full 3D scrolling, and numerous levels and weapons.

BackTrack is expected to be released on the Game Boy Advance later this year, and we'll bring you more details nearer it's release.