Two leading peripheral and accessory manufacturers have announced new wheels which are due to for release within the next month.


PS2 Lotus Pro Racer by Radica is based on the Xbox wheel of the same name, and uses a novel control method where you hold the right hand side of the wheel still, and slide the left hand side up and down to simulate turning the wheel.

The wheel has rubberised grips to make the wheel both feel good and easy to hold, along with fully analogue controls, and two Dual Force motors. PS2 Lotus Pro Racer due for release this month, priced at 19.99


F1 Force Feedback Racing Wheel by Thrustmaster is based on an exact replica of Ferrari F1 wheel, and features a carbon textured wheel rim, and gearshift levers made from 100% aluminium, along with rubberised grips, and a metal axis and ball bearings to ensure that the most precision driving is possible.

Nine fully programmable buttons allow every function of the game to be mapped to the wheel using the Thrustmapper software. Finally there's the force feedback, which Thrustmaster have developed a new mechanism powered by Immersion TouchSense Technology which is said to feaure a "silence and smoothness which will seduce PC gamers".

The F1 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is due for release during October, priced at a whopping but no doubt worth it 119.


360 Modena Force GT Racing Wheel by Thrustmaster is an exact replica of the Ferrari 360 Modena wheel, and features a new force mechanism, which lets gamers choose between Force effects, vibration or no vibration.

Eight progressive action buttons, analog foot pedals, authentic F1 gearshift levers and a rubber hand-grip make up the rest of 360 Modena Force GT Racing Wheel's features, and it's due for release later this month, priced at 59.99 for the PSone and PlayStation 2.