Accessory manufacturer Logitech have announced that they are to launch an officially licensed wireless headset for use with Xbox Live.


The cordless headset will allow you to communicate with online friends up to 30 feet away from your console, although presumably you'd need a huge TV screen to see the gaming action that far away, and also a wireless controller - which by a stroke of luck, is also available as part of Logitech's range.

GamesPaper can't help but feel wireless headsets could ultimately prove annoying for gamers, as it'll only be a matter of time before you play against someone who mid-game walks off to answer the door, have their dinner or even dare we say it, go to the toilet... Is a wireless headset really going to be beneficial for Xbox Live?

Logitech's "Cordless Headset" is set to go on sale across America before Christmas, priced at $79.99 and a UK release during 2005 seems highly likely.