Telewest have announced that they'll be hosting their first-ever "credit-free weekend", allowing fans of Return to Castle Wolfenstein to play completely free.


The free Wolf Weekender takes place from 6.00pm on Friday December 14th until midnight on Sunday December 16th, and RTCW players are invited to use the Blueyonder multiplayer game service totally free of charge via their site.

More than 70 servers are being dedicated to the weekend long gaming experience, and all gamers will be given the ability to book, launch and configure servers for their team, or to launch a server for general public use in seconds without any charge.

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Telewest Broadband's Tom Cotter told us "We are making the advanced functions of our gaming service available to all in celebration of a truly great game. We thought that throwing our doors open for the weekend would allow all of those people who have bought the game in its first two weeks to get online and see both our service and the game in all their glory".

If the pull of the free multiplayer server access isn't enough, then there's also some top prizes on offer during the UK's first RTCW tournament which Blueyonder will be putting on during the weekend.

Players taking part in this weekends action will also qualify for a special half-price installation deal on Telewest's broadband's blueyonder, which offers net access nearly ten times faster than standard connections - to find out more about their Broadband service, and to apply for your half-price deal during the Wolf Weekend, check out