Ubi Soft have announced today that they will be publishing the latest in the series of Worms games from Team17, and will be venturing in to the world of 3D.


Players will get to unleash a number of weapons on rivals including rocket launchers, shotguns and grenades, plus a selection of new weapons including sea monster attacks, meteor storms and torpedoes.

Instead of being along a horizontally scrolling level, you'll be attacked from all directions, which will make defending your team harder and more enjoyable than ever before.

Rob Cooper, Managing Director of Ubi Soft asserted "We're delighted to be publishing the series as Worms is one of those evergreen brands that manages to balance a great heritage whilst retaining buoyancy. Fans of the series will not be disappointed as Team 17 have adopted a fresh approach that will enable us to ensure the new range of Worm Blast games will be the biggest yet".

The change to 3D from a trusty 2D mode may be something that many Worms fans may feel a bit anxious about, but based on other Team17 titles there should be few worries as the gameplay always seems to shine through.

Worms Blast is due to wriggle it's way into gamers hearts this autumn, and GamesPaper will bring further details soon.