The Microsoft Xbox has made it's European debut, at the X01 event in France, with a number of new titles announced and shown for the first time.

Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios has announced a new game called BC, which is being developed by Intrepid Games. Project Ego was also shown off, and revealed that players get to control a character who ages from childhood to death, whose skin tans from the sunlight over time, and with graphics and gameplay that take advantage of many of the advanced capabilities of Xbox.

Microsoft made announcements, including one of a new game called Brute Force - a tactical third person shooter, with futuristic squad-based action. Microsoft also announced what their racing game was going to be, in the form of Rallisport Challenge, which will feature four types of rally competition.

Other major announcements and first time showings of Xbox titles in action included Sega with playable demos of Jet Set Radio Future, GunValkyrie and Sega GT 2002. Ubi Soft announced that Ghost Recon will be an Xbox exclusive, and also made the first showing of Batman Vengeance and Rayman M on the Xbox.

Driving games seem to be popular on the Xbox with Activision having a playable version of their mission based driving game Wreckless, and Electronic Arts demonstrating their Xbox exclusive F1 2002, which will include the new season's course and driver data.

We'll bring further details of the X01 event, and a selection of hot new screens as soon as they become available.