Microsoft have revealed at the X02 event in Seville tonight, the two free games that will come as part of the Xbox Live network starter kit.


Inside the 39.99 kit, which will be available for the March 14th European launch of the network, you'll find not only the Xbox Communicator and 12 months subscription to the network, but also two free starter titles, in the form of Moto GP Live, and Whacked!, both optimised for Xbox Live play.

A number of European partners have been selected to provide the online network, with BT Openworld providing the ADSL Broadband connectivity, and NTL and Telewest the option for cable customers.

NTL have also announced plans to offer a device which lets both your PC and Xbox to be connected to your broadband cable connection at the same time, with both being in use, although specifics have yet to be confirmed.